I am exhausted!

Fatai Ayeloja
3 min readMay 7, 2021
Relationship advice

There is something that came to mind. I will want you to put in your mind as regards choosing life-partner(wife).

Do not use spiritual checking to decide.

You must first be satisfied with the physical first. Meaning, the things you can see, feel, hear about the person (attitude to work, care about you, attitude towards money, smartness and hardworking etc).

When all these have reached a satisfactory level to you. Only then before you consider going for anything spiritual (praying and checking etc). This check misdirects someone a lot. Especially me. Please do not forget. Many of these people (alfa or pastor), will tell you the person is fine, she's made in heaven for you, she's from the region of light (all of this don't mean anything, it's just a scam).

Only when the problem starts is when they will be changing mouth again that how come you are with this kind of person. Una no fit work anything etc. Scam lo poju.

old marriage

I am speaking from experience bro!

Everybody told me it's fine etc.

Last time that I was trying to make a decision on this matter. I went to Baba Fatimoh, asking about her and one other person. What I was told was — and you and this person still have lots of good big things to do together o. She's not bad also. You just need to be standing your ground because she's stubborn.

The other person, he said the person is also very good etc.

Now when Zeezy spoke to him, he told her that, when he first saw me with her, he was like where did I get this kind of person. Can you imagine different talks? I went on this babe matter e go pass 5 times.

I went about it to Baba Alarape place, one Alfa for Offa, Baba Fatimoh etc. All of them said it was good.

Yet see where it ends. 11 years wasted effort!

I just checked my age a few days ago. I am fucking 34 years old, man.

And in my spirit,😂 I still feel like I am just 20. Like I have not aged at all. In the next 6 years now. I will be 40. I still can get my shit together. I am just tired.

If it's possible to take holiday from life ni. I for like to go and come back after 20 days. I feel exhausted.

The thought of investing another energy into any relationship weakens me.

If all the things I did through these years do not count as love enough to someone. I don’t have the energy to try another

Yea, I am freaking tired from head to toe.

Imagine at this age, I am squatting with someone.

Just imagine that!



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