It is so scary

Fatai Ayeloja
2 min readFeb 5, 2022
Toxic relationship

It is so scary how beautiful love and attraction can turn to hate.

How A loving hug can turn disgusting.

How A loving kiss that sets your body in the mood can turn into something that ignites a wave of boiling anger.

How a someone that claimed they loved you at some point becomes someone trying to kill you.

How they just become selfish and only care about themself.

It is so scary that the love of your life could become the enemy you don’t pray to wake up to first in the morning.

It is scary how the eyes that admire all the curves of your body now hates the sight of your body with passion.

Scary how the hand caresses the body and explore every inch of the body with the same hand. Now, this hands hits and battered the once adored body. What a shame!

How The person you always long to see, long to be with becomes someone that when you hear their name, you pick a race and run for your life.

It is so scary, whew! it is.

I use to believe in the saying of doing good and good would be done to you.

Until I realize that people prey on people with empathy and good heart.

It is so weird and scary, this life. It is so scary.

I use to think that, just give it all you have got, give it all in all and everything would just fall into place until I realize that all your sacrifice and sweat may mean nothing to an ungrateful person.

With all these experiences, I am yet to become a cold-hearted person. I am still a good person with a good heart.

The only difference is that I have learnt boundaries the right way now, how to recognize patterns of behaviours that always come back to burn me

and know how to filter people more. I can now say NO and not feel guilty about it.

I trust less now.

I am not so eager to be in a relationship anymore.


it is so scary.



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