Fatai Ayeloja
2 min readMar 23, 2017

I don’t believe in Godfatherism. What God wants for you will surely get to you and you will live to share the testimony about it.

I have received so much grace from God, which has given me the faith in believing that anything that I aspire or desire to get and it does not get to me easily, it is not for me. Mind you, that’s after I have tried and put in all my effort. Because I will put God first and pursue the thing with all my heart and faith in God that I will get it, it is mine, it’s my turn to get it.

If you only try to do things, when you only have ‘baba isale’ there. My dear, you will end up not achieving in life by yourself.

There is nothing like ‘luck’ in my dictionary. I simply believe strongly in preparedness meeting opportunities. Even if baba isale’ assist you, and you are not prepared, and do not have the required documentation, results, degree, diploma, or experience?

My guy, he will only tell you Am sorry my dear, am afraid there is no way out.

If I tell some people, some of the grace, God has given me regarding this faith system. People will still have doubts in their mind saying hmm, we all know how we dey roll things.

Well, I believe in my BABA loke, and HE does all the things I want for me except the ones that are not good for me.

Feeling grateful for all I have — Alhamdulillah



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