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2 min readMar 14, 2017

Remember the next you are rendering that services or producing that next product for your customers or whatever you do that generates income for your living. I want you to change your focus from the process of making that thing and focus on the satisfaction that the end user or your customer would derive from that thing you are offering them.

Because at the end of the day, if you think about it well. You would discover that it is not the product or the service that you have sold to them but it is the satisfaction that the customer would derive from consuming or using that product that you have sold. A thirsty man under hot afternoon sun walking up fast to a restaurant to get an ice cold Coke does not really need that Coke but the sense of calmness, chilling effect, caffeinated alertness he gets from drinking the Coke.

Now, no one can dispute the power of a customer satisfaction. What that simple satisfaction we forget to focus on from the start can end up bringing back to us, our company even our relationships cannot be overemphasized. Generates more customers by implication, sense of happiness, more money in your pocket (I know that’s what everybody wants to hear), well you can use your wild imaginations for the rest.

So please next time you are at work making the next world best idea, focus on the satisfaction you want the end user of that thing you want to make or the service you want to render to your customers in mind. Make it crystal clear in your head before you begin.

Making this a regular practice or principle that you would abide by all your life would open doors of fortune, blessings unimaginable for you.

Best of luck to us all #Enterprenuers out there.

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