Why I chose to be an entrepreneur

Fatai Ayeloja
4 min readOct 12, 2018

Everyone have his/her own reason for choosing how he intends to live his/her life. For some its just to be on the safer and secured side, while for some its regular and constant income.

I have been asking myself for long why is it so that I have this huge urge to be an entrepreneur and not an employee. Finally, it came like a flash from thunder during the season.

To make a difference

I have always wanted to make changes in the system that I found myself in. I want to add value to my society, family etc.

I have always been the odd one in the family anyways. So choosing my path and having such a big dream should not be a thing of surprise any longer.

Something to pass on to children

I grow up in a polygamous family where business succession or support for willing and agile child is not a thing of great importance. I am the kind of person that always want to do things smart and differently. But what I have always receive for the features God has built me with is so much lack of support and encouragement.

I want to groom my children as they grow so that one day they can either take over what I have built and continue the great work or startup their own empire.

I was lucky to have worked close to my boss who is a son of a business man. I see the influence of growing up in a business environment have been on him. Hes a very smart young man and the father is a good business man too. The father is not even retired but the children are already running the business easily with little input into the business due to experience from the father.

One of the best thing in life is for ones children to succeed him in things you do either in business or other endeavour. I figure it is impossible for one to transfer the post you are holding at the company you work for to your child. The best that could happen is for the owner of the company give room for your offspring to join the company but not the position you just left or retired from.

No one is irreplaceable in a company!

So, it does not make sense that one spend the rest of his life in an employed position without setting up a business for your child to grow into and learn the ways of the rich, smart and hardworking people.

I want to make life easy and interesting for my children too, that way I can die without regret.

Make a better living for myself

One of the major reason everyone go into business is to make a better living for their selves.

I want to enjoy the good things of life while adding value to the society as well. I want to travel around the world to see beautiful things. I want to go on holiday and relax after long work season. I want to meet remarkable people around the world.

The most important one is that I want to break the chain of poverty in my family.

I want this to stop while am alive and for me and my family to enjoy the grace of what it means to have abundance of grace, favour, wealth, health, joy and happiness.

To prove myself right, that I can do it

Over the years of trying and failing, pushing and falling, trying and testing different ideas without getting head way. I still have the strong believe that I can do it and I will achieve it.

One day coming so soon, I will sit down at the river or lake bay in the house that I always dream about. Which will be built beside a river or lake enjoying the cool breeze of nature. I will look to the sky and say Alhamdulilah, I have achieved this. I am right from onset, I can do it.

To support the community

I have always directly and indirectly support the community with my own little effort. By advising young felas that are younger than I am or encourage the young ones to explore their talents.

I want to also do this by employing the unemployed and make them happy while we build things together.

I want to have a charity foundation that its major objective is to create more islamic schools at a very affordable rate almost free, support and encourage young and willing entrepreneurs by teaching how business is done properly so that our society grows beyond petty traders claiming to be doing business.

These are my reasons. I hope one day so coming soon I will come and write on medium.com and say this post I made some years ago. The dream have now been achieved.

Thank you for reading.



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